Empower your Educational Products
with a Data Platform for Learning

With Sentio Play® you can store and analyze Learner Data to track
personality, learning styles and competency development in all of your
interactive learning products: apps, games, student networks and beyond!

  • Rewards
  • Engagement
  • Code

Built for Learning Impact

With our proven Interactive Learning Methodology, your product will stand out from all the rest. Sentio Play® will provide the results you need: learning retention, engagement, competency progress and more!

Real Time Tracking

Access your product's Dashboard to view statistics on your learners and use our Analytics Tools to generate performance reports.

Powerful Learner Profiles

Map competencies and cognitive styles. With Sentio Play® you can create powerful assessments that will provide insights on learners' skills and areas for growth. Unlock your learners' full potential!

Transforming Education

Built for Developers and Educators who want to create Interactive Products for Education.
Focus on your project, we'll take care of your Learner Data Tracking and Analytics.

  • Interactive Learning

    Create engaging experiencies that will make learning significant with Real World impact.

  • Data Tracking

    Through our Dashboard you can set up and track actions, variables, competencies and learning goals for your users.

  • Sentio API

    With a few lines of code your product can plug into Sentio Play® and will be ready to track learner data.

  • Learner Profiles

    Easily embed your learner data and analytics results on your Website and Apps for Leaderboards, Achievements and Skill Maps.

Sentio Play®

Your solution for tracking and measuring the
learning impact of your interactive products.